Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dell OptiPlex 780

December 11, according to foreign media reports, Dell launched OptiPlex780 ultra-compact business desktop computers. Dell said it is the world’s smallest full-featured business desktop computers, including a built-in power supply and Intel vPro technology.

Dell said that this ultra-small desktop business PC will be immediately available for users.
A new model was added to the existing OptiPlex780 since this new PC productis launched . This product is tight for space environment is very desirable.

Dell’s Business Client Group, said senior marketing manager MikeBasore, business desktop computers have died a bit exaggerated to say. We can see that customers have never thought of the past to seek the use of small-scale systems.

The size of this new Optiplex business desktop computers is only 23.9 centimeters x 6.5 Li Mi x23.6 cm, there is no expansion slot, the internal space can configure an internal hard drive. But, this is a fully functional business desktop computers equipped with Intel dual-core E65002.93GHz processor, configurable up to 4GB of memory, hard drive capacities up to 320GB.

Dell’s global standard platform as part of a plot, this desktop computer has an image of stability and long-term 15-month life cycle of technical support. System management options including those based on Intel vPro technology choices.

OptiPlex 780 Ultra Small business desktop standard operating system configuration Windows7 Professional Edition, you can choose to configure WindowsVista, and XP, and in selected countries in UbuntuLinux support. The starting price of desktop computers 479 pounds (about 780 U.S. dollars).

Firefox 4 With HTML 5 and Multi-Touch Support

For Firefox lovers, be prepared with the appearance of Firefox 4. Mozillas Director Mike Beltzner plans to reschedule the development of Firefox 4. Firefox 4 will support HTML 5, a multi-touch and CSS3 Geolocation.

From the look, Firefox 4 will slightly copied the look of Google Chrome that is much simpler. Some sections will be simplified as the show settings and pop-up.